Tuesday, 21 February 2017

7 Mobile Game Development Mistakes You no Longer can Afford

Mobile games are now leading the game business. No mobile app niche offers such impressive success stories as mobile games. The phenomenal Pokémon go is just the summit of success we have seen mobile game reach in near past. But there has been a remarkable rise of indie game developers as well. Building mobile games just from scratch and with little technical know-how and zero coding experience is a no-brainer now. But while everyone is ready to jump into the mobile games scene mistakes are frequent and such mistakes on the part of developers are often leading to the waste of time money and your effort. Independent developers and small mobile game development companies apart, even the big names are often making the same mistakes. You might have been aware of a few of them, but still, you may find it useful to have a look at the common and critical mobile game development mistakes.

1. Not offering a free version

You may consider your new mobile game to have immense potential to become a breakthrough phenomenon. Or you may at least consider your mobile game to gain enough traction and continuous popularity thanks to the unique game playing experience and game concept. Whatever is the case it would be unrealistic to expect your target game is playing audience to find your mobile game unless you push it through marketing measures. Offering a free version of your mobile game is the first and most important step to market your mobile game. Unless you are as big as Sony or Nintendo, you cannot expect game players to try a new game from a less known publisher without any valid reason. Being able to download a game for free is one of the valid reasons for your game-playing audience.

2. Embedded text in the core files

This is rather a technical mistake common with many games.  Many game developers make the mistake of hard coding text information about the game inside the core files of the game app. often this result into showing text content during the gameplay on the screen.  Instead of doing this you can quickly address the issue by creating a separate resource file and putting all the game information there.

3. Not maintaining quality when using too many animations

The quality of a game stands out in its animated characters as well. Many games when using too much animation just do not give sufficient importance to the quality. It is particularly true for sport video games that imitate the motion of real-world players. These games try to recreate the real world feel by using a high volume of animation within the game. To address this issue, the developer needs to Fitch different assets from various sources that perfectly fit the required level of animation without sacrificing the quality. Obviously, it needs a hell lot of effort and time but to maintain the quality you cannot compromise on that.

4. Absence of any business model

Just like any other app, a mobile game is a business, and you need to have a business model. To run a mobile game just like a business you need to have a proper plan starting from the pre-launch campaign to the post-launch marketing to various updates and a solid monetization model to make your game target consistent flow of revenue. A fee for the game download is not enough to earn consistent income from a game unless your game becomes a success. On the other hand in game ads can help you running the feel of revenue but as it is becoming increasingly common among most games you need to make your ads more playable and context well for the gaming actions.

5. Too many features

Another major mistake committed by many mobile games is their leaning on too many features. If you consider a feature reach game has more chances to make an impression then the simple ones with limited features, you do not know what it takes to make a game successful. Too many features in the game lead to confusion and often the game playing audience can find it distracting. When you have built the game ask yourself what are the must-have features to ensure playing the game with simplest actions. Rest of the game features can simply be dropped.


6. Ignoring cultural factors

Your game playing audience may belong to diverse cultures and ethnicities from around the world. Naturally, to petition your game app in a global scale, you need to take some localization measures. On the top of the list, you should prioritize cultural factors for the respective target audience in different geographic locations.  In certain parts of the world showing more on corporate body skin in the game playing character can lead to a cultural antagonism. Use of local slang in the dialogue of game characters is also a subject of taboo in many locations. When building a game for the global audience, you have to keep these cultural differences in the mind and accordingly try to address these differences.

7. Not taking platform differences into consideration

The biggest and the most common fault of the mobile game developers is not taking this difference of platforms into consideration. This is why many games built primarily for Android do not offer the same user experience when they are built for iOS. There are several differences between the platforms that you need to consider. First of all, you need to consider the difference in design elements and platform specific features when building game apps for multiple platforms. Cross-platform development of the mobile game is good as long as you can address these differences among the different mobile platforms. You also need to address the difference between the respective application stores and the submission criteria.

Mobile games are continuing to remain a big business and in that time to come more developers, and small development companies are going to enjoy a pie of this multi-billion fetching market. But to become truly ready to take on the challenge from the established names in the mobile game development you need to stay clear of these mistakes.


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