Saturday, 21 June 2014

Mobile Apps that will Burn the Stress

There are a lot of times when you just want to sit back and rejuvenate yourself. A cup of coffee while disconnecting from the world seems to be a precious affair that is no longer possible. With traffic and transport ruling your life, it is becoming all the more difficult to actually relieve your stress and enjoy your life.

But, now with the world having tuned on the digital mode, you can enjoy life while on the go. Mobiles have indeed made your life and rejuvenation mobile. You can relax while you are on your way to work or from work. You can travel and relax. You no longer need to wait for that excellent cup of coffee to rejuvenate yourself and feel a bit better. Here are few mobile apps that contribute towards being your stress buster. You will feel relaxed while surfing through these apps.

You may be looking out to visit some calm and quite places to visit. You can do that while on the go. Plan a vacation into solitude using the stereopublic app. This crowdsourcing app provides an insight into the various places which provide solitude and calmness together. You would find a good list of such places which will help you gain access to a nice and lovely holiday trip.

The whole aura around you will change when you login to this app. The best way to relieve your stress is to enter into a mood which will bring in freshness. Here is an app that will bring in the various sounds from nature right to your mobile. While you are driving, you can create an atmosphere that will work best for your mind and soul.

As the name itself suggests, this app has been created just to provide you and your mind with some calm moments. This app is somewhat like meditating into the light. You will find a cloud moving in the background. It is as if you are seeing clouds walk through the meadows giving in some peace. This app plays a background session that literally calms you down. This interesting app is definitely worth indulging in when you are going through a stressful period.

This is a musical app. If you are bored or too stressed, this app is the best medicine for you. With its soft and smooth instrumental music, it will play into your stressed mood and make you all happy. You will find some amazing ways to focus and increase your attention span while using this app. It is the perfect stress buster in many ways.

Ambi Science Relax

A complete musical app! You will find an interesting combination of ambient music, nature noise and entrainment tracks. This will give the brain the right nudge and make it focused and stress free. This app and the music it gives out is indeed an interesting way of rejuvenating yourself. 

These apps are quite popular as stress busters. Download these apps and enjoy a digital stress reliever. 

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