Thursday, 28 May 2015

Increase Customer Loyalty with Push Notifications for Small Businesses

Technology has provided many businesses a scope to experiment and make their business volume and customer reach grow in unprecedented ways. Mobile apps in the recent times became the new horizon to expand this scope of technology for business further. Apart from wider, faster and unrestrained access to consumers through the mobile platform, apps with round the clock push notifications help you to engage with the users on continuous basis. Push notifications in many respects changed the way small business struggled to build customer loyalty.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

5 Crucial Reasons You Should Consider for Changing Your Mobile Strategy in 2015

Increasing number of businesses is groping for stronger presence in mobile space. Mobile apps by their very nature represent a continually evolving technology with too many possibilities to take shape in short span of time. So, being exposed to mobile does not make a difference unless this huge possibilities and potential of transformation we can keep in mind and venture to bring it into practice. Whether as a business you have a single or a suite of different mobile apps the recent development in the world of mobile apps has a lot to reconsider your mobile strategy. Let us introduce here 5 crucial reasons you should consider for changing your mobile strategy in 2015.