Wednesday, 10 December 2014

7 Ways to Hire Mobile App Developers

With the world stumbling upon digital, and trying to find ways to sharpen its digital strategy to match the consumers’ world, it is hardly surprising that newer and better digital mediums are being created to help stage the brand. Consumers look for convenience, and the platform that strategizes convenience is the platform they desire to be on.

Friday, 19 September 2014

6 Hidden & Unknown Tricks of Android

There is always something that you don’t know about your Smartphone. Just when you feel that you know everything there is to know about your Android Smartphone, you come to know of things you just did not know existed.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

The Hidden and Unexplored Features of HTC One M8

There was a time when HTC was but a newbie phone that was not accepted by people. But, today things are different for HTC. HTC One M8 has given a tough competition to the high end smart phones from top brands like Samsung, Motorola and even Apple’s iPhone.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Top 7 Safety Mobile Apps Available for Women

Women have been living in fear for a while now. Crime against women has been increasing with time. Some of them have been reported while many others just happen and none of the details are known to the world.

Mobile apps are trying to build a safe world for these women. With these safety apps by their side, women don’t have to worry about moving out after the sun goes down. Someone is always with them, watching their steps. Here are 7 safety mobile apps that are available in the market. These apps are surely helpful, and help seek support when the environment goes awry.

This app says it all! While most security apps need you to message about needing help, this app works without your interaction. You can record a message and send it to your emergency contacts. Let’s say you are in a no service location, your app will automatically send when it receives signals. Basically an app that is totally reliable. You can install this app easily and use it as soon as it is installed. There are no major hiccups with this app.

Why do you need to walk alone when you can have a lot of people standing by you, and watching over you? Here is an app that allows people to walk you home remotely. Send an SOS message to a group of people you consider will help you out. The SOS message thus sent will also send your GPS tracking details. Now your contacts will be walking with you, and they will ensure you are safe. This app is necessary when you are considering safety and security.

Now knowing which city in the country is safe, and knowing the safety score for that city is pretty easy. You just need to install SafetiPin, and you will get details of the map of the new city, the safety score, and the level of harassment and threats that occur in that city. This is very useful when you are moving to a new town or city. You will see that these apps are splendid for such places where you know nothing at all. This app also allows you to set interest groups using which you can check out all the safety details for the city.

When you are working late nights, the only concern that you or your family might face is you should travel safely. Post a certain hour it is considered very unsafe for women to travel in certain cities. This is why this app has been built. It helps you travel safe and in the most secure manner. You will get various taxi options with this app, and you can book the one that offers you the best pricing. You will see that this app has been built to work fast even at the slowest of internet speeds.

This app takes into consideration your GPS system in the phone to work. You will see that once the GPS has been read, you will get a list of police stations available near you. This app will help you reach the police as soon as possible. In case you have just been a victim of robbery or something similar, you can report it to the police station near you. This app is extremely useful in detecting the police near you.

This is a scream alarm that screams for help. This app has a distressed voice of a woman recorded. When you try this scream alarm, you can actually push away the people who have come to distress you. You may or may not be able to scream in such a situation, but your alarm will make them go back the way they came.

Use one of these mobile apps, and make yourself safe in the most unsafe environments. 

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Monday, 14 July 2014

Tips to creating a Brand App

Do you own a brand? Do you want to make it visible and reachable?

Statistics have shown that apps are more likely to have a better reach when compared with websites.

A classic example of a retail brand app would be Snapdeal and Flipkart. Both the retail outlets started out online and went on to become major names. But, with mobiles becoming rampant, they needed a better reach. What could be better than having an app using which people could order on the go? This made things easier and simpler for the people.

If you have a brand that you want people to know about, apps are the only way to higher reach. Creating a brand app is not really that difficult. Here are some tips on creating a brand app.

Keep it Simple
When you talk about brand apps the first criteria that you need to engage in is to keep it as simple as possible. You are building your first app, and the first ever way to reach your consumers is going to be a brand app. So why complicate it with more designs? Keep it single page if possible. Have as little details as possible. Keep an understandable layout.

Decide the Browsing Platform
New brand apps generally prefer launching themselves on iOS. The reason being it is really simple to have a brand app on this platform. It is easier for developers to build and consumers to browse. But, if your consumers are more oriented towards Android, you might want to take a chance of building it for Android. You can even consider cross platform apps, but that should not be your first step. Make sure you indulge in cross platform after the success on either platform.

Marketing Strategy
You are creating an app such that it fits the overall marketing strategy. Remember mobile app is part of your bigger strategy. Don’t forget to check on where and exactly how the mobile app fits the larger picture. In case it doesn’t you might want to rethink on creating it. Let’s take a case where your mobile app does not fit the target market, in that case you may not want to go ahead with creating a mobile app.

User Interface
The user interface for a mobile app would be complete different from the mobile website. When working on the mobile app for a brand, you need to check for user interface. After all your consumers would be the ones interacting with the app. You don’t want to disappoint them with a bad interface. Make navigation simple! Have a classic interface which enhances the overall experience with the app of the consumer.

Design & Layout
Consumers are attracted with classy designs and easy layouts. Make sure you have real good layouts in place. You are going to make it simple but you can always have some design that is grid properly.

A mobile app is expensive when compared to a mobile website. Make sure you have that kind of budget. Also make sure you are actually looking for something along the lines of an app. If you don’t need it, there is no necessity to go ahead with it.

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As a mobile and web application consultant at Juned Ahmed learn so many things about new technologies which he regularly sharing at IndianAppDevelopers Blog.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Mobile Apps that will Burn the Stress

There are a lot of times when you just want to sit back and rejuvenate yourself. A cup of coffee while disconnecting from the world seems to be a precious affair that is no longer possible. With traffic and transport ruling your life, it is becoming all the more difficult to actually relieve your stress and enjoy your life.

But, now with the world having tuned on the digital mode, you can enjoy life while on the go. Mobiles have indeed made your life and rejuvenation mobile. You can relax while you are on your way to work or from work. You can travel and relax. You no longer need to wait for that excellent cup of coffee to rejuvenate yourself and feel a bit better. Here are few mobile apps that contribute towards being your stress buster. You will feel relaxed while surfing through these apps.

You may be looking out to visit some calm and quite places to visit. You can do that while on the go. Plan a vacation into solitude using the stereopublic app. This crowdsourcing app provides an insight into the various places which provide solitude and calmness together. You would find a good list of such places which will help you gain access to a nice and lovely holiday trip.

The whole aura around you will change when you login to this app. The best way to relieve your stress is to enter into a mood which will bring in freshness. Here is an app that will bring in the various sounds from nature right to your mobile. While you are driving, you can create an atmosphere that will work best for your mind and soul.

As the name itself suggests, this app has been created just to provide you and your mind with some calm moments. This app is somewhat like meditating into the light. You will find a cloud moving in the background. It is as if you are seeing clouds walk through the meadows giving in some peace. This app plays a background session that literally calms you down. This interesting app is definitely worth indulging in when you are going through a stressful period.

This is a musical app. If you are bored or too stressed, this app is the best medicine for you. With its soft and smooth instrumental music, it will play into your stressed mood and make you all happy. You will find some amazing ways to focus and increase your attention span while using this app. It is the perfect stress buster in many ways.

Ambi Science Relax

A complete musical app! You will find an interesting combination of ambient music, nature noise and entrainment tracks. This will give the brain the right nudge and make it focused and stress free. This app and the music it gives out is indeed an interesting way of rejuvenating yourself. 

These apps are quite popular as stress busters. Download these apps and enjoy a digital stress reliever. 

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JunedAhmed is professional consultant at IndianAppDevelopers Mobile app developer company, he enjoy writing of various mobile technologies.