Monday, 14 July 2014

Tips to creating a Brand App

Do you own a brand? Do you want to make it visible and reachable?

Statistics have shown that apps are more likely to have a better reach when compared with websites.

A classic example of a retail brand app would be Snapdeal and Flipkart. Both the retail outlets started out online and went on to become major names. But, with mobiles becoming rampant, they needed a better reach. What could be better than having an app using which people could order on the go? This made things easier and simpler for the people.

If you have a brand that you want people to know about, apps are the only way to higher reach. Creating a brand app is not really that difficult. Here are some tips on creating a brand app.

Keep it Simple
When you talk about brand apps the first criteria that you need to engage in is to keep it as simple as possible. You are building your first app, and the first ever way to reach your consumers is going to be a brand app. So why complicate it with more designs? Keep it single page if possible. Have as little details as possible. Keep an understandable layout.

Decide the Browsing Platform
New brand apps generally prefer launching themselves on iOS. The reason being it is really simple to have a brand app on this platform. It is easier for developers to build and consumers to browse. But, if your consumers are more oriented towards Android, you might want to take a chance of building it for Android. You can even consider cross platform apps, but that should not be your first step. Make sure you indulge in cross platform after the success on either platform.

Marketing Strategy
You are creating an app such that it fits the overall marketing strategy. Remember mobile app is part of your bigger strategy. Don’t forget to check on where and exactly how the mobile app fits the larger picture. In case it doesn’t you might want to rethink on creating it. Let’s take a case where your mobile app does not fit the target market, in that case you may not want to go ahead with creating a mobile app.

User Interface
The user interface for a mobile app would be complete different from the mobile website. When working on the mobile app for a brand, you need to check for user interface. After all your consumers would be the ones interacting with the app. You don’t want to disappoint them with a bad interface. Make navigation simple! Have a classic interface which enhances the overall experience with the app of the consumer.

Design & Layout
Consumers are attracted with classy designs and easy layouts. Make sure you have real good layouts in place. You are going to make it simple but you can always have some design that is grid properly.

A mobile app is expensive when compared to a mobile website. Make sure you have that kind of budget. Also make sure you are actually looking for something along the lines of an app. If you don’t need it, there is no necessity to go ahead with it.

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