Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Top 7 Safety Mobile Apps Available for Women

Women have been living in fear for a while now. Crime against women has been increasing with time. Some of them have been reported while many others just happen and none of the details are known to the world.

Mobile apps are trying to build a safe world for these women. With these safety apps by their side, women don’t have to worry about moving out after the sun goes down. Someone is always with them, watching their steps. Here are 7 safety mobile apps that are available in the market. These apps are surely helpful, and help seek support when the environment goes awry.

This app says it all! While most security apps need you to message about needing help, this app works without your interaction. You can record a message and send it to your emergency contacts. Let’s say you are in a no service location, your app will automatically send when it receives signals. Basically an app that is totally reliable. You can install this app easily and use it as soon as it is installed. There are no major hiccups with this app.

Why do you need to walk alone when you can have a lot of people standing by you, and watching over you? Here is an app that allows people to walk you home remotely. Send an SOS message to a group of people you consider will help you out. The SOS message thus sent will also send your GPS tracking details. Now your contacts will be walking with you, and they will ensure you are safe. This app is necessary when you are considering safety and security.

Now knowing which city in the country is safe, and knowing the safety score for that city is pretty easy. You just need to install SafetiPin, and you will get details of the map of the new city, the safety score, and the level of harassment and threats that occur in that city. This is very useful when you are moving to a new town or city. You will see that these apps are splendid for such places where you know nothing at all. This app also allows you to set interest groups using which you can check out all the safety details for the city.

When you are working late nights, the only concern that you or your family might face is you should travel safely. Post a certain hour it is considered very unsafe for women to travel in certain cities. This is why this app has been built. It helps you travel safe and in the most secure manner. You will get various taxi options with this app, and you can book the one that offers you the best pricing. You will see that this app has been built to work fast even at the slowest of internet speeds.

This app takes into consideration your GPS system in the phone to work. You will see that once the GPS has been read, you will get a list of police stations available near you. This app will help you reach the police as soon as possible. In case you have just been a victim of robbery or something similar, you can report it to the police station near you. This app is extremely useful in detecting the police near you.

This is a scream alarm that screams for help. This app has a distressed voice of a woman recorded. When you try this scream alarm, you can actually push away the people who have come to distress you. You may or may not be able to scream in such a situation, but your alarm will make them go back the way they came.

Use one of these mobile apps, and make yourself safe in the most unsafe environments. 

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