Tuesday, 17 January 2017

The Role of iPhone App Development in the IoT Universe

“Internet of Things” or IoT seems to be the buzzword for integrated technologies to play a large channel for the future world. They now constitute an endless number of physical devices including the specialized home-monitoring devices, vibrant lamps, smart watches and expensive cars that now rely on sensors and a strong firmware to connect to tablets, and smartphones quickly. Nowadays it is also referred to as “Internet of Everything” since nearly every electrical appliance, and the electronic device is expanding its horizons to become the next in-thing in the IoT sector. And the best part is, that it is capitalizing on the boost received by smart mobility. Build your app, specifically for IoT though, is tough since iPhone app developers need to understand the technology on which the device is based on, too.

Home automation apps are nowadays incredibly popular, and most of them are linked to IoT-based products that are controlled through smart apps. Such iPhone apps can help users to unlock doors or operate light switches remotely from anywhere on a WiFi network. We have even witnessed payments being processed with just a smartphone code detection method.

Connected devices with connected apps

Many businesses are now joining the bandwagon wherein each of the apps seems like an attractive pursuit which also has lots of bucks in the store. For those with a background in electrical engineering, things are not what it seems.

Companies that build mobile apps and web solutions are now in the fray to leverage their expertise in creating connected products although the skill level involved is higher than just basic iPhone app development. Building apps that connect with hardware are complex since one should be conversant with the limitations of the hardware and the connection strategy too. Not many startups are entering this space since the effort for making social networks and the effort behind IoT-based apps is immense.

The reduced competition is hence a boon for companies who are keen on leveraging the mobile technologies to the next level. Their teams are adept in defining considerations, including the capabilities of the iPhone, and other iOS products while also being aware of the hardware in question. Smart switches and buttons connected with a smartphone app through Wi-Fi or sensors need finesse in development approach too.

Square is a company that offers a payment based product that converts data from any credit card’s magnetic strip through audio signals, allowing the transactions, cost-effectively. Since they introduced the device through the headphone jack, it became easy for users to implement it too.


Facilitating interaction between iOS devices and others

One does have to make sure that the apps are aligned with native iPhone features for establishing connectivity. Some apps that introduce features of sharing or communication need to choose WiFi or Bluetooth medium or both. The technologies help in communicating two parties, and quite beneficial for remote control apps too. One needs to be sure if this mode of communication can work. Some telecom providers are against providing its users with any online communication calling features too.

If a product doesn’t require an iPhone app, the features might work with onboard features, including the iSight camera. For making accessories for camera features, for example, one should know the lens, the zoom and resolution specifications along with the dimensions of the phone itself. 

Apple and its support for IoT

Apple’s MFi program along with the comprehensive iOS Developer Library are all open to developers for designing and developing MFi accessories for IoT. These programs also aid budding developers with technical support, especially in the engineering of iOS-related components. One does have to pay Apple $4 of every unit sold after the finished products get selling like hot cakes.

Apple also has specific clauses for its licensees. The program has two segments meant for developers and manufacturers, with specific requirements. The manufacturing license requires manufacturing facilities, while licenses will involve a credit review of the entire holding or company.

When developing iPhone apps for connected devices, developers need to adhere to a series of programming protocols for making your accessory work efficiently with iPhones. The code needs to include the External Accessory Framework in beginning stages for letting an iOS product be aware of another object’s mode of communication with it. One would have to declare the appropriate protocols for linking accessories with a particular app, for launch when connected. iOS will have to launch the App Store for finding a compatible app if the step is not followed. An “EASession” is used for transferring and monitoring data. Objective-C is the preferred programming language in this regard.



Creating an iPhone app with the help of an expert developer on an app-enabled hardware is tremendous work and quite tedious too. There are repeated iterations involved that developers usually endure, but the possibilities are endless since one can own their popular mobile product. Since the Internet of Things is a new market with multiple opportunities, there is a host of IT companies who are keen to get their processes completed efficiently exploring the connected world paradigm. One needs to take the plunge into trying something new and become successful.


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