Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Apple Watch App Development Trends that will Dominate 2017 and Beyond

Apple Watch as the wearable platform has been a forerunner in all these times. Ever since the launch, the device got a tremendous response from loyal Apple users and with the WatchOS building a version for Apple Watch became a fad now. After most consumer apps grabbing the platform, we have recently experienced a new spree of enthusiasm for the platform from enterprises as well. While Apple Watch will continue to dominate the wearable scene, for the majority of iOS developers Apple Watch will play a crucial role in the iOS ecosystem.

Let us introduce here some of the key app development trends that Apple Watch app development companies should watch out this year. 

More Apple Watch apps for enterprises

If you have been watchful and observant about what is happening with the platform, you must have seen increasing interest from the enterprises in this wearable platform. In 2016 we saw an outpouring of enterprise apps for Apple Watch. The trend will only get louder and robust in the coming months.

Enterprise mobile apps are already going through a shift of focus. Instead of offering heavy, multi-function apps businesses are now finding it easier and performance boosting to offer numerous smaller single function apps. It is needless to say that this new breed of least coded apps will get better traction and engagement on small screen devices like Apple Watch.

Apple Watch gaming 

Until now wrist wearable did not find a solid place to stand in the gaming world. Only a handful of game apps has their watch versions. The Apple wearable did not become a gaming instrument so far. But in 2017, we can expect a serious turnaround in this respect. What are the promises on hold for this iOS platform to make it popular for gaming? Well, already Apple has openly expressed interest to introduce Augmented Reality features with more mobile apps, and we can expect more game apps to come with this feature. Quick, gesture based and intuitive gaming interactions will dominate the Apple Watch apps in the time to come. Remember, the recent launch of Pokemon Go game app for Apple Watch is something that just did not fall out of blue. It is a well thought of decision keeping the upcoming promise from the device in mind.

Enhanced fitness and health apps

The majority of wrist wearable devices to this day mainly serve regular health and fitness assessment needs. From the smart bands to the smartwatches, all of them invariably allow us to measure our heartbeats, track our activities, pulse rate and assess our calorie intake. Quickly wrist wearable became an invincible part of the scheme of things concerning health and fitness apps. While wearable will continue to play a central role as far as health and fitness measurement is considered, with the new update of the health API and new device update, Apple Watch apps will come as better equipped. Moreover, by allowing to connect other wearable and fitness bands and devices Apple Watch apps can be more lucid, user optimized for different activities.

More Apple Watch apps for IOT devices

Internet of Things and connected reality offer us another promising area with increasing number of devices. While a majority of these devices come with well equipped to iPhone apps allowing easy interaction and control from the handheld device, until now most such IOT apps do not offer Apple Watch apps. As IOT and connected apps are continuing to grow, we can expect more such apps to arrive with their respective Apple Watch app versions. Controlling the connected devices and interfaces right from your wrist is the next big promise that is going to be heavily banked upon by IOT devices in the coming time. 

Apple Watch 2 and WatchOS 3

Finally, you cannot tell anything decisively about the device and the platform until the launch of Apple Watch 2 which referred as the poster child of Apple’s latest update if the device OS called WatchOS. Yes, the new upgraded Apple Watch which is expected to be released in September this year can make our expectations bleak with too much on offer. Yes, if we believe on many credible pre-launch reviewed currently swarming the web, we must say that the update is likely to be the most promising one ever since its first release. Let us have a look at some of the biggest promises on offer with this still to update.

The new Apple Watch to be released will be given a complete overhaul in terms of features, power, and capabilities. This would be an all in one device on the wrist for the first time and will reduce the need to look at your mobile for most of the time and user situations. Whether it is about fitness and health tracking or it is about tracking messages and nails, or it is about keeping control of the remotely connected devices, it will help you achieve a lot more interactions than you could do until this time.

To conclude, we can only predict Apple Watch as a device along with its new breed of apps to grow and play a leading role in the iOS app development scene in the coming time. Apple Watch apps are no longer going to be part and parcel of mobility the way it was until the previous year. It is going to enjoy more independence and standalone status in the coming months.  From online shopping to using Apple Pay or other digital wallets through your wrist-hugging device, from gaming to interacting with your TV or any other home gadget, with Apple Watch you will be able to do more in the coming months.


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