Monday, 14 November 2016

Effective Mobile App Marketing Strategy for Small Business

There is hardly any niche left that does not boast of thousands of apps. So the competition is enormous, and the numbers of apps are staggering. How can it still be possible for people to download your app and make enough revenue? Is it at all possible?

Yes, certainly. In spite of this competition hundreds of apps are enjoying steady growth and fulfil their business aspirations. But all the successor apps have a thing in common. They have a great marketing strategy based focused for the increase in user acquisition, retention and ROI.

First of all, do you still have any doubt that the future of mobile marketing depends on the apps? With more than 70% of people on the planet earth possessing a mobile device and smartphones taking centre stage of the digital revolution, you can hardly have a doubt of the promise of apps for business ventures. Let us conclude our introduction to a few vital statistics.

As per the report published by ComScore In 2012 alone mobile browsers in both session numbers and user volume crossed their desktop counterparts. Another study by Flurry noticed that mobile browsing time had increased 94 minutes a day as compared to desktop.

You are at the very brink of entering of 2017, and now mobility is already in the driving seat. What are the most efficient strategies for mobile app marketing in 2017? Well, here we picked up 7 such proven and time-tested strategies.


Define how your app is going to help users


What do the users want from your app? This sole question should guide your app strategy. You need to validate your app idea as per the usefulness with your target audience. It might be of use or serve a purpose but still, does the app offers any real value to the users that make it stand out from others. If it does not provide something useful for the users, all your efforts do not worth.

Your App Store description, promotional blogs, peer reviews and advertisements should portray the app purpose clearly and mention how uniquely it can help users get what they want.


Deeper knowledge about your target audience


Like every business niche, you have your target audience, and that consists of millions of people. Can your app be relevant to all these people? Well, while you cannot satisfy millions, in the same manner, your app can deserve favour from a section of people within this niche audience? The question is how you can know who these people are. Well, this requires a deeper knowledge of the public.

There is nothing like knowing your users in details and your strategy never becomes complete without obtaining more in-depth knowledge about users. The answer to every question will further lead you to a series of other insights corresponding to users.

Some of the fundamental questions that you need to ask go like this.
  • What is the target age group for your audience?
  • What are the common apps they use and prefer within this niche?
  • What kind of interactions they engage with when using these apps?
  • What are the app features they prefer most?
  • What kind of apps they use frequently?
  • What is the frequency of their app use?
  • What kind of issues and performance glitches they are most concerned about?

Each of these questions can further be probed to get deeper insights about the users. Besides traditional market research, various surveys, studies of focus groups, social engagements and other types of interactions will help to gain knowledge about the user.

Promote with your website 


If you have a business website or just a blog you can use it to promote your app. There are various ways to do it.
  • Publish featured posts with the mention of your app quite often.  With the post offer download link of the app.
  • Advertise your app with a banner above the pages. Make sure that the banner is visually optimised with design elements.
  • Provide an icon or just the download link for your app in most pages.
  • Make good SEO with keywords of your target niche. Without SEO you cannot tap into the potential of your web promotion.

Make video advertising


Suddenly video advertising became hot. As the attention span of the mobile audience is very low, videos are more useful. Network strength is no longer a problem for unperturbed video watching, and this helped the growth of video marketing.

To make your video marketing effective insist on storytelling effect that can quickly appeal to your audience. Secondly, make the video small and engaging from the early moments. The attention span of the audience is very low, and so within just seconds you need to make your objective clear. Lastly, your video must come with a CTA button or link for App Store page or direct download. 


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