Sunday, 27 November 2016

Are You a Game Developer? Follow These Time Tested Game Development and Marketing Tips

These days, people can play games anywhere thanks to their handheld devices. Thanks to smartphones gaming consoles took a backseat now. The phenomenal success of mobile games gave rise to more focus on mobile game development. The never before the success of few games in the recent times even challenged the so-called success of most popular apps.

The success and corresponding earning potential with mobile games us so huge that most mobile game development companies and indie developers are now coming with a lot of games only to find success with one game that can fulfil all their earlier losses. The mobile game market is continuously expanding just because businesses are taking the fresh interest in them to engage addicted gamers quickly to their brands.

While other apps just try to become preferred or at best lovable, successful mobile games become an addictive stuff for gamers. But to give your game that flair of addiction you need to follow certain development principles and follow them with an equally robust marketing.

Here we are going to introduce a few of the time-tested game development and marketing tips that every game developer and marketer should care about.

Figure out how your game will be played

A game developer first if all should have a clear idea about how his fame is going to be played. Whether it is a simple puzzle game or a full-length strategy game with rich graphics it a game with an interactive story, as per your game niche you should figure out how your game is going to be played and offer entertainment.

Simple game concept and unique development

Look at the majority of successful games like Angry Birds or Subway Surfers, and you will observe that their core concept is very much simple. But that simplicity apart they offer a very stand-apart look and feel with unique game playing attributes. So, it is almost a time-tested formula that a simple game concept built with a unique game playing experience has all the things needed to become successful.

Intuitive game design

Did you ever think how easy to play and quick to play games feature against those complex games that often requires training and several days of tweaking with them? Well, most of us agree that a game that can be played instantly without needing to learn too many things engage players quickly. So, ensure designing the game interface as simple to allow quick playing.

iOS or Android? It depends on.

There is no such debate over building a game for iOS or Android platform. Both have their typical pros and cons. While iOS is always better for games that are very focused on monetisation from the day one, to reach the large population of gamers using the variety of devices, it is advisable to start with Android platform. In any case, build a game for one platform first and then port it for another. This will ensure focusing on one platform at s time.

Applaud the game achievements

Do you know why most games over a period of time experience less and less engagement from old game players? Do you know after playing for several weeks most games are dumped? This happens just because playing a game over a period of time becomes annoying. To address this boredom effects, you need to applaud each and every game playing achievement befittingly.

Ensure continuous development

A game launch is just the beginning of a journey and it is only a small part of the entire business process about the game. A game should be developed and updated continuously to keep the game playing experience fresh and provide motivation to the players to come back. Updating a game with the introduction of the new characters Game levels or new graphic environments or new features, you can give fresh life to a game.

Updating a game continuously and frequently offers an array of advantages. While most games fail to retain gamers after few weeks of game playing, only frequent updates can help.

Plan promotion campaign well ahead

Do you count on such hope that game will go viral as soon as it starts reviews and lands on app stores? If yes, you are terribly mistaken, and it is time to takes the fresh look at the real picture. No trick can guarantee a game getting viral overnight. But following certain tactics you can experience higher acquisition, engagement and revenue. The most trusted game marketing principle is starting your campaign well ahead of your game launch.

Social gaming is big, don't underestimate it

If your gamers cannot invite other players from social media platforms to play it cannot compare their scores and achievements, you are missing a tremendously potential game marketing tactics called social gaming. Social gaming is a necessary feature as most gamers simultaneously remain to engage in social platforms.

Custom KPIs are important for evaluation

You need to evaluate various metrics of your game constantly to check whether you are on the right track. For this, you can set custom KPIs (Key Performance Index) and see whether they can be boosted with various measures.  The so-called KPIs like Monthly Average Users or Daily Sberage Users, Average Session Length, etc.  Custom KPIs based on the game type can allow you get deeper insights on game players.

A Social Media presence is must 

Social media presence got your game is a must. Besides ensuring quick visibility and buzz around your game, it helps creating s peer group or s community who will actively assist in spreading the word about your game. Besides that, give email marketing a priority to establish a connection with your close and known ones.

Lastly, considering the huge popularity of passive game watching these days, always publish game videos on YouTube and other video channels.


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