Tuesday, 13 December 2016

How to Help Your App Achieve Better Traction?

You have created an excellent app, and your pre-launch feedback was perfect. You are all set to make your marketing effort big. But just then you realized there are too many things left to do. Your app still lacks a dynamic web presence. You just have to start your social campaign right from scratch.

Building a quality app is just the half of the job. Without a robust marketing support, the effort of the mobile app developers and designers are going to fetch no value. Let us offer here some effective tips to make your app get better traction from the early on.

  • A Dedicated and Robust Web Presence

Although social media took much of the wind from the sails of the search engines, still search results play the biggest role in making things visible and discoverable. A dedicated website created for an app is just the ideal way to build buzz by targeting search results. Actively doing SEO with the keywords of your niche and publishing valuable contents featuring your app can just give your app enough push from the search engine results. Earlier you can create the buzz with a website the better it is for your app. In fact, we suggest the website your launchpad of a pre-launch campaign.
  1. Tell the story of your app with attractive graphic elements, images and text.
  2. Frequently publish relevant contents on the app or similar concepts.
  3. Target search results with target keywords.
  4. When your app is ready to publish, use a video that explaining the app and promote it on video platforms before the app launch.
  5. Run pre-launch promotions with contests, freebies, coupons, etc.
  6. Always accompany text content short video of the app, high-quality screenshots and relevant images.

  • Ensure early Buzz in Social Media

No, you just cannot afford to miss the flight of social media at the moment of your launch. This is why, as soon as the development team is engaged with the project you need to work actively to build the social presence of your app. First of all, you need to priorities the social platforms. While Facebook is irreplaceable with the largest audience and Twitter work ideal for small byte sized news like posts from time to time, others can be chosen as per your priority. For apps with visual elements playing the big role, Pinterest is great, and for apps with features for professionals and businesses, LinkedIn will be a must. As for creating the early buzz here are some effective tips.
  1. First of all, publish posts frequently and stay active and engaged regularly.
  2. Avoid being spammy when posting and maintaining your social media presence. Always let an audience know that there are human behind it.
  3. Publish more visual contents with the only byte sized text. People no longer likes reading a dense body of text.
  4. Post app screenshots and key aspects that make your app stand out from others.

  • Let others Talk about your App

Any marketing initiative always strived to do that. Marketers always like others to talk about your app. The sooner you can do it the better. But how can you effectively do it? Well, while making millions talk about your app is what you aim for, you can at least try to some influential people. When these people talks of your app more people will follow. Active partnership with other potential brands and apps is another way to achieve this. Piggybacking on other reputed apps is a good way to gain traction, but you can only do that if your app does worth unique value.
  1. Media advertising can be expensive, but you can target some niche channels and publications with less cost.
  2. Approach influential reviewers from reputed websites, blogs and publications.
  3. Approach social influencers to share their feedback and opinions.
  4. Once your app started to roll, you can approach a few reputed apps of other niches to partner with.

  • Your Existing and Loyal customers can bring more traction

Many businesses just after being digitally active forget about their current customers. They just forget that these loyal customers who have been with the brand are the best people to dread the word about the app. Believe me, and your existing customers can just bring you more traction in the initial stage than many of your online efforts put together. But to let them take the fresh interest in your app you need to be a little tactful. Here are some tips to consider.
  1. As soon as the app for your business is in the pipeline, let your customers know about it.
  2. Offer your customers incentives to purchase through the app.
  3. Further incentivise the process by providing freebies and gifts for bringing additional downloads.
  4. Engage with your loyal customers on social platforms and let them take the initiative to spread the word.
  5. Email marketing is a good way to re-establish a connection with your old customers and inform them about your new app.
Finally, getting traction with a new app is not easy, and it involves sustained effort. All your efforts waste if you cannot keep the momentum alive continuously. You need to be active on the web as well as social platforms, approach influencers and your old and existing customers. Most important of all, you need to do all these together. 


  1. Have your game app developer begin building the app for you. They need to be able to send you the app (in progress) weekly and you need to be able to check and provides them feedback.

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