E-commerce Mobile App Development: Smart Ways to Increase Customer Engagement

As an increasing number of businesses are jumping on the online retail arena, the share of e-commerce in the retail business is continuously on the rise. On the other hand, most online stores and e-commerce startups prefer mobile apps as their primary channels instead of the regular web just because most buyers now prefer shopping through mobile instead of desktops. In a scenario like this, enhancing customer engagement and customer visits through a mobile commerce app is the best bet a business can opt for. Since most users these days keep their eyes attached to the handheld screens throughout the day, targeting customers on mobile platforms can fetch better business outcomes than other channels.  On the other hand, by focusing on just one or two channels to connect customers, offering an omnichannel shopping experience can be more effective. Since smartphone users have already surpassed desktop users, mobile commerce has appeared as an irreplaceable channel for most retailers. 

Web Application Security 2021: Beginners Checklist to Get Started

  Who can deny the importance of security for their website or online store? You may have already implemented some security measures, and you can feel quite complacent about it, but they are far from enough when we consider the security challenges. In recent years, even many leading websites and web apps faced a huge surge of security attacks on their websites. This is why it is important to update security best practices every once in a while, and stay completely alert to safeguard the website from new and more sophisticated attacks. Are you interested to know how to make an app from scratch ? Do you want to know all the major concerns that you need to address? Well, let's begin here with app security first. This post will explain the top web app security beginner checklist that you need to follow. Defining a Framework for Cybersecurity To begin with, an organization must have a robust policy document and strategic outline for ensuring security for the website or web a

Know Everything About Mobile Game Development Industry Trends

 "With fast evolving software development technologies, the global mobile games industry strides even faster. Here is everything to know about mobile game development, including trends, growth, and the future." Smartphone usage is at an all-time high, and the trend is sustaining. Technologies are advancing persistently, and with that, smartphones are getting cheaper day by day. This trend signifies the app development industry's expansion, and the mobile games industry occupies a big amount of space in the app development industry. So, let's look at current and upcoming mobile game industry trends and expand within the app development market? How is the Mobile Games Industry Expanding? North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and South America are among the top trending mobile gaming markets. Revenue in the gaming market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 14% by 2025. And most income will come from China itself, which is part of the Asia Pacific region. And India is the sec

Why Hire App Developers in India in 2021

  With India emerging as one of the promising lands for IT firms, the nation undoubtedly boasts many professional IT developers who can compete globally. With many youngsters wanting to pursue IT, India doesn't see any dearth of IT professionals and developers. With impressive training and outstanding commitment, they portray great promise in the tasks they're assigned. If you've been a part of the IT industry, you may also have noticed upcoming talented individuals who have the potential to make their clients stand out. If we're to talk about mobile operating systems' market share, then compared to iOS, Android has a market share of 95.24% . This statistics is counted from November 2019 to November 2020. Hence, Android App developers have a more extensive scope as in this market, and their relevance will be more. Android developers in India are seen working on several applications, bearing in mind the outreach they'd have with a large audience. T

Conversational AI Chatbot Development Services in India

 After seeing the potential of a mobile app, businesses started experimenting with numerous technologies to enhance their users' overall user experience. That's where this technology comes in the frame of technologies, and you know what it is? "Chatbot" Yes, you read it right, a chatbot could be an asset to your business growth in the digital market, and building a specific with updates & trendy features would take your business much ahead of your competition, where you no longer need to worry about your competition, as chatbot will help you grow your business through existing customer, and building a new audience for yours, even when you are offline. Read More: Chatbot Service India

Key Reasons Why Swift is the Most Powerful Language for iOS development

Swift is now the de-facto official programming language for iOS app development. It has been created by Apple, keeping several considerations in mind. When back in 2014, Swift was introduced by Apple as the programming language that would change several paradigms for iOS development and will emerge as the only language to be used by iOS developers. There can hardly be any doubt that the prediction has come true, and Swift did and become what it promises to do and become.

Why is NodeJS the Ideal Framework for Enterprise App Development?

For a convincing digital footprint, having a user-focused web app is a must for any enterprise, and for building a great web app, it is essential to use a robust, swift, and versatile technology. For the past few years, NodeJS has emerged as the leading technology that most enterprises prefer for web and mobile app development. Before we explain the increasing popularity of NodeJS for building enterprise apps, let us understand the definition and basic concept of NodeJS. What exactly is Node.js? NodeJS, as the name implies, is a JavaScript framework. This is an open-source, cross-platform framework that allows executing JavaScript code outside of the browser while building a web app. This comes as a unique framework that helps server-side scripting and sending the dynamic web page to the browser. This makes it a comprehensive language for both server and client-side scripting. This is why it is so popular with all those dynamic enterprise apps preferring t